St. Luke’s Aesthetics

St. Luke’s Aesthetics is a center of excellence dedicated to provide the best technology and modalities in surgical and non-surgical options to patients seeking solutions to their aesthetic problems.

Because aesthetics carries great value among individuals, medicine developed a special branch of surgery called aesthetic surgery that is concerned with the correction and enhancement of a person’s face and other parts of the body. Apart from procedures for cosmetic purposes, aesthetic surgery includes reconstructive surgery, which is performed to correct disfigurement caused by burns and traumatic injuries, as well as congenital abnormalities such as cleft palates.

Highly skilled, Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery-certified surgeons work hand-in-hand with other Board-certified related specialists such as dermatologists, eye and ear, nose and throat surgeons, psychiatrists, nutritionists, dentists and other allied medical professionals to ensure outstanding aesthetic results and comfort and safety for all these patients.

The center provides a comprehensive array of procedures that include facial enhancement and rejuvenation, facelift, rhinoplasty for the nose, blepharoplasty for the eyelids, body contouring, breast augmentation and reduction, butt enhancement, liposuction, abdominoplasty, endoscopic aesthetic procedures, hair restoration and aesthetic dermatological procedures. Scientific and advanced procedures coupled with top-notch expertise and skills of St. Luke’s doctors and aesthetic surgeons have resulted in superior aesthetic outcomes, as well as patient satisfaction, in an environment of professionalism and confidentiality.