The Concierge at St. Luke's

Being the first and only Medical Concierge in the country, The Concierge at St. Luke’s aims to provide you, our valued patients, the best experience of a convenient health care.



From Outpatient

Our Medical Concierge Officers are ready to provide you with prompt and cordial assistance on the following:

  • Synchronized appointment setting with our Doctors and Dentists

  • Referral to Specialists

  • Cost estimates for laboratory and diagnostic procedures

  • Appointment setting for laboratory exams and special ancillary procedures

  • Facilitation of laboratory test/procedures and results

  • Information on other medical services



To Admission

During confinement, we want you to focus on getting well. Let us take care of your other needs with our inpatient care services that include the following:

  • Pre-Admission

    • Appointment setting with doctors for clearance

    • Medical Cost Estimate for elective procedures

    • Room Reservations with guided tour of rooms

  • Admission Proper

    • Assistance in admission process

    • Guidance on payment options

    • Facilitation of PhilHealth requirements

    • Facilitation of Private Duty Nurse requests


To Discharge

Our assistance doesn’t end during your confinement. We will continue to take care of you through these services:

  • Assistance for timely discharge

  • Guidance in acquiring your medical records

  • Facilitation of PhilHealth requirements

  • Coordination for a Private Duty Nurse

  • Home service for laboratory procedures


To Wellness Programs

We are your partner in making sure that you stay healthy through our customized wellness packages which address your individual healthcare needs.

Take control of your health! Choose form a wide array of bundled wellness packages to ensure that you are always in the pink of health.

  • Information on wellness packages

  • Appointment setting of your wellness programs

  • Referral to Specialists for further assessment

  • Assistance on other services as deemed necessary by the Specialists

Medical Cost Estimate

We understand that information on medical costs is necessary to help you feel more at ease. For this, we will provide you a medical cost estimate which is based on the real cost of the most recent similar case. This cost estimate is about 96% accurate, with only 4% probability of going beyond the low, median and high estimates

This service precludes the unpredictable costs of medical care, thus providing you peace of mind.