Comfort. Convenience. Freedom of choice.

From the most basic rooms to fully-furnished suites, all patient accommodations in St. Luke’s Medical Center are provided with the best available equipment in its class. In most cases, we have taken and applied the best practices in the field of hospitality in its premises, providing services and amenities such as a selective menu, private butler service and cable television.

With the belief that comfort and a positive experience are vital in the quest for health and recovery, we offer a range of patient rooms designed to meet practically every conceivable need, thus making them some of the most sought-after choices when confined at the hospital.

Room Queuing Procedures
  1. The Admission Department entertains all room queuing requests whether through e-mail, phone call or personal submission of Doctor's Order by patient/relative, Attending Physician, etc.

  2. The actual date and time of admission of patient will be indicated on the Doctor's Order form.

  3. The Room Queuing Form (RQF) must be accomplished and attached by the Admission Associate to the Doctor's Order form. The RQF will then be the basis for assignment of patient's room.

  4. Patients with room/bed queuing for the day are queued based on the date and time that the requests were received by the Admission Associate. The Room Monitoring Coordinator (RMC) shall assign the patient's preferred room, also taking into consideration the patient's case/illness.

  5. Priorities in room/bed queuing will be given to patients with emergency cases and patients who are scheduled for Cathlab, open heart surgery procedures, and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Coronary Care Unit (CCU)/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) patients.

  6. It is advisable for non-emergency patients to seek admission between 12:00NN to 5:00PM, when most patients are going home and more rooms are available.

  7. In cases where no preferred rooms are available, patients/relatives will be offered alternative rooms and will be transferred to the room of choice upon availability.

  8. The assigned room shall only be held for the patient up to a maximum of two (2) hours beyond the patient's scheduled time of arrival. If the patient fails to arrive within the maximum allowance, the queued room/bed will be assigned to the other waiting patients, if any. The Admission Department will contact the patient and advise him that his room of choice will be released. A new queuing request will need to be secured for another room if the patient decides to continue with his admission later on.