Steps in Accomplishing PhilHealth Requirements

Kindly accomplish the following:

  1. Duly accomplished Original CF1 (Member/Patient – Part I, II, III & Employer – Part IV)
  2. Duly accomplished Original CF2 (signed by attending physicians Part II No. 10 - & Patient/Representative – Part III – B)
  3. Generated Philhealth Benefit Eligibility Form (PBEF)
    • If the PBEF indicated YES – no need of nos. 1, 4 & 5 only CF2
    • If the PBEF indicated NO – accomplished the needed requirements indicated in the PBEF.
  4. Certificate of Contributions or Receipt of Premium Payment
    • At least 3 months from confinement backward (3/6 rule)
  5. Properly Accomplished Philhealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF) for the undeclared dependents

Please request any of the following from the nurse station prior to discharge, to be attached to the claim forms:

  • Operative Record
  • Anesthesia Record
  • Angiogram/Angioplasty Report
  • Colonoscopy / Gastroscopy / Endoscopy / Biopsy Report
  • Coposcopy / Brachytherapy / Stroboscopy Report


  1. Please proceed to Philhealth Section to check the duly accomplished, signed and duly supported Philhealth forms according to your membership category prior to or upon discharge from the Medical Center. (For outpatient prior to or after the procedure/operation)
  2. Please discuss and agree with your ATTENDING PHYSICIAN ON YOUR co-payment / co-share for their PROFESSIONAL FEE if net of Philhealth in relations with the Philhealth benefit/coverage for Professional fee.

Once the above mentioned documents are accomplished, signed and duly supported, proceed to Billing Section and submit the requirements to Billing Officer of the Medical Center to compute and deduct your Philhealth benefits from your hospital bill.


Download the CF1 and CF2 Forms

Click the links below to download the Philhealth Claim Forms CF1 and CF2.


CF1 Form CF2 Form