Medical Records

Medical records provide a clinical history of the patient's treatment in the hospital. It also functions as a documentary support or evidence of confinements, diagnosis, and treatment received, usually required by Philippine and international insurance companies, offices and schools.

During admission or stay at the hospital

Fill out the Medical Information Release(MIR) form available at the Nurse's Station. The nursing aide can secure the medical records for you. You may have the records requested within the day.

Note: To avoid delays in filing of insurance claims, patients are requested to secure copies of their medical records before discharge.

After discharge from the hospital

1. Fill out the Medical Information Release(MIR) form and secure an approval for release directly from your attending physician and the Medical Director. MIR forms are also available at the Information and Concierge.
2. Submit the approved MIR form to the Medical Records Management Department (MRMD) for processing.
3. With the exception of the Clincal Summary and Operating Room (OR) records, requets will be processed upon submission of approved MIR.

Note: You may request via phone, fax or e-mail. However, you still have to secure the approval of your attending physician and the Medical Director before the prepared records from MRMD are released.

For Patients admitted through Emergency Departments

Fill out the Medical Information Release (MIR) form and submit to Medical Records Management Department (MRMD) for processing. Your attending physician and the Medical Director must approve the release of the medical certificate and laboratory result.

Patient Information Sheet (PIS)

Information requested will be written in the PIS and will be used for data gathering. This can be obtained from the patient either on the day of admission or in advance to avoid inconvenience.

All patients are given an ID band to be worn around the wrist for the duration of their stay at the medical center.

Consent Forms

The patient will be asked to sign consent forms for hospital care, exclusive supply of medicines, limitation on outside diagnostic reports, release of information to insurance companies and/or patient's employer, and waiver of responsibility on loss of valuables.

Emergency Admissions

Patients are referred to the Emergency Room (ER) if they do not have an admission order sheet from their attending physician. In such cases, the ER consultant will ask the patient for the name of his/her physician. The ER consultant may only assign an attending physician to the patient's case if he or she does not have a personal physician of choice.

Room Queuing Procedures

The Admission Department accepts room queuing. The assigned room shall be confirmed on the day of admission and shall be held for the patient up to a maximum of two (2) hours prior to the patient’s scheduled time of arrival. However, if the patient fails to arrive within the indicated time of arrival, the room shall be assigned to other patients. The hospital also reserves the right to cancel queuing requests to give way to emergency and critical cases.