St. Luke’s Aesthetics – Putting beauty and safety in synced priority

Posted on Jul 12, 2017

St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City has launched a new service which prioritizes safety in the delivery of everyone’s beauty goals -- St. Luke’s Aesthetics, a center which offers dermatology and plastic surgery services using the latest in modern technology while observing strict standards in patient safety.

St. Luke’s Aesthetics is a hospital-based facility on the 7th floor of the main building, which is exclusive for Wellness patients. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the Center are all board-certified, with solid clinical skills and experience, assuring patients of thorough expert care. Furthermore, the Center puts a premium on patient safety, following safety standards set by international accrediting bodies such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and Temos (Trust. Effective Medicine. Optimized Services) of which St. Luke’s-Global City is an accredited organization.

Services at the Center are all done on an outpatient basis, with some requiring local anesthesia. The highlighted dermatology offerings include hybrid fractional laser resurfacing, infrared anchor lift and dermal infusion procedures. To date, only St. Luke’s Aesthetics offers hybrid fractional laser resurfacing, a new technology that simultaneously delivers the energy of two lasers - Erbium Yag and Diode - to rejuvenate fine lines and rough skin texture, and resurface deep scars. With this new technology, patients experience minimal discomfort, and only a few days downtime. According to Dermatology Center head Dr. Ma. Pilar Lagdameo-Leuenberger, “Compared to other fractional lasers, the use of two lasers instead of one effectively produces a better clinical outcome. It is also less painful, contributing to an overall great patient experience. Hence, patients do not usually hesitate to undergo another session if needed at the prescribed proper treatment interval.”

Aesthetic Surgery services can range from the rhinoplasty (nose lift), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), chin augmentation, otoplasty (ear surgery), lip surgery, inflation/removal of tissue expander, suction lipectomy and auto-fat injection. Says plastic surgeon Dr. Gene Tiongco,, “We give quality service to our patients from the doctors and nurses who care for them, to the implants and equipment we use. Also, an added convenience is the Center’s own operating room, where patients can have their procedures done in private.“

St. Luke’s Aesthetics is located at the 7/F Main Hospital Building of St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City in Taguig. For inquiries, contact St. Luke’s Aesthetics at (632) 7897700 ext. 2106 or email [email protected]