Center for Organ Transplantation

The Center was established in 2010 and duly-accredited both by the National Bureau for Health Facilities and Services and Joint Commission International. The Center is devoted to assisting patients for all their transplant needs. It employs a multidisciplinary team composed of exceptionally competent and passionate transplant surgeons, transplant physicians, coordinators, nurses, clinical pharmacologists and nutritionists who follow the patients as they journey from illness to recovery. The Center fervently believes organ transplantation should be SAFE, SUCCESSFUL & SUSTAINABLE. Safety always comes first for all our patients and this is achieved by strictly adhering to the established clinical practice guidelines. Our success is dependent on precise surgical implantation and carefully balanced and tailored use of anti-rejection medications. Our patients continue to enjoy improved quality of life and extended life expectancy that is sustained through close collaboration between patient and physician after their transplants.