Caring for expectant moms

Posted on Oct 29, 2020

Pregnancy is a happy and memorable time for expectant moms, but it can be quite challenging with COVID-19 in the midst.

To help expectant moms cope, St. Luke’s Medical Center has taken the necessary steps to make a safe, holistic maternal care journey possible.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care plays an important role in assuring that expectant moms and their babies are in their best health in preparation for childbirth. 

Prenatal Checkups - St. Luke’s Medical Center has a team of experienced OB-GYN who welcomes expectant moms in a safe environment for their in-person consultation. All patients scheduled for consultation will be properly screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the hospital.

Laboratory Works - Required laboratory works can be safely done in the hospital. St. Luke’s also gives its patients the option to have their necessary blood works done either via drive-thru service or at home.  

Ultrasound - To avoid the possible transmission of the virus, the hospital’s Women’s Healthcare Unit is thoroughly disinfected during ultrasound sessions. 

Jola De Leon-Yu, an SLMC patient, witnessed how St. Luke’s is committed to providing a safe motherhood journey at this time of the pandemic. 

“I know that it is safe for me to go to SLMC because starting January, clinics located inside SLMC would already check with patients any recent travel/symptoms prior to booking an appointment with their doctor as a precaution.” 

She also expressed that she felt safe during her ultrasound examinations during her pregnancy.  

“My ultrasound examinations were scheduled and I did not have to wait too long for my turn .” 


With COVID-19 in our midst, giving birth in the hospital requires utmost patient care and stringent infection control measures. 

COVID-19 Testing - Expectant moms who are set to deliver their baby are required to undergo RT-PCR COVID-19 swab testing. This can be done via drive-thru service at no cost to the expectant mom.

Express Admission - In-room patient admission and discharge apply to expectant mothers due to give birth, for their convenience and safety.

Timely updates - During labor, the family of the expectant mother will be kept updated.


As St. Luke’s upholds the commitment to keep its patients safe, it ensures that all doctors and healthcare workers attending to maternal medical needs are regularly monitored and tested for COVID-19 to prevent possible transmission. 

During her delivery, Jola was alone in the delivery room but the team assigned to her made sure that she felt safe throughout the process.


“My nurse in the labor room was also most helpful by checking on me every 10 minutes."

Post-pregnancy care 

Great patient care doesn’t stop at childbirth. At St. Luke’s, its team of doctors and nurses makes sure that all patients are well taken care of until they are ready for discharge. 

Patient rooms - Patient rooms are well-disinfected and isolated from patients with infectious diseases to ensure the mom’s recovery in a safe and sterile environment. 

A gift from us to you - Mothers who gave birth at St. Luke’s received an exclusive Mom and Baby bag which comes with newborn essentials. 

Follow-up Care - For post-natal and pediatric medical needs, St. Luke’s Medical Center offers a safe environment for the mom and baby during in-person consultations. They also have the option to have their medical consultations through teleconsult service. 

Overall, Jola and her family were very happy to welcome their baby with St Luke’s by their side. 

“I am thankful to SLMC for making my childbirth experience safe and a breeze despite the current situation.”

Pregnancy may be quite challenging at this time but be assured that St. Luke’s Medical Center is capable of providing a safe and quality patient experience for all expectant mothers.

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