Blissful Milestones at St. Luke's

Posted on Feb 02, 2022

Giving birth is a precious moment for mothers. To make sure that expecting mothers and their babies receive quality care and comfort in the hospital, St. Luke's Medical Center (SLMC) is offering a safe and holistic maternal care package for its patients.


From February 7 to May 31, expectant moms who will give birth at St. Luke’s will get free accommodation, which will include Regular Private, Deluxe Private, and Executive Private rooms. This way, patients can have a safe and relaxing environment for their pregnancy journey.


Apart from the accommodation, St. Luke’s maternity patients will also be entitled to a free COVID-19 RT-PCR swab test. To ensure patient safety, St. Luke’s doctors and staff are regularly tested and monitored for COVID-19 before attending to patients.

Upon giving birth, a special three-course dinner will be served to celebrate the successful delivery of the baby. Maternity patients will also receive “I am a St. Luke’s Baby” apparel for their baby and a “Mom and Baby” bag—a high-quality backpack containing newborn essentials.

As part of St. Luke’s advocacy in championing proper breastfeeding, a free lactation counseling service will be made available to the patients. This counseling aims to walk through maternity patients, especially first-time mothers, on the basics of breastfeeding and how to provide the best nutrition to their babies.

“At St. Luke’s, we have come up with ways to provide superior comfort and quality maternity care services to our patients all while minimizing contact to avoid COVID-19 transmission,” said SLMC President and CEO, Dr. Arturo De La Peña.

Under the maternity care package of St Luke's, maternity patients can experience a safe and hassle-free admission and devery.

“Apart from medical expertise, we want our patients to receive safe and proper maternity care amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, where there is a risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes. To make this milestone in their life a special one, we are continuing to elevate our services by providing a safe and well-equipped environment for our patients,” Dr. De La Peña added.

To avail of this promo, patients may contact St. Luke’s Product Information Hub at 0919-057-7744 (call), 0919-160-7744 (text) or email [email protected].