St. Luke’s upgrades healthcare delivery to set benchmark in the Better Normal

Posted on Jun 25, 2020

St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) has upgraded its existing healthcare services to a more convenient and flexible approach as the pandemic upends the industry that is on the frontline against COVID-19.

The hospital unveiled changes to its in-hospital services while maintaining a unique and top of the line healthcare service for its patients.

Adult vaccinations and blood tests may now be done from the comfort of one’s home or office. Vaccinations that can be done from home include: measles, mumps, rubella, flu vaccine, varicella vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine, and HPV vaccine. There are no extra costs for vaccinations facilitated at home while blood tests would only incur minimal laboratory costs.

Laboratory services are now being offered from the comfort of one’s vehicle via the Drive-Thru for Lab Works service which the hospital recently launched in order to ease the anxiety of patients in contracting the virus within the hospital premises. Patients have the option to pay via card transaction (online or onsite). The service is also extended to HMO patients and corporate account members. In order to avail of these services, patients must have prior appointment confirmation which can be done online.

HMO patients may now set an appointment for an onsite consultation, laboratory and other diagnostic procedures through the eHMO Concierge. Patients may also process a letter of authorization and request for cost estimation for laboratory and diagnostic procedures, and an assessment of HMO coverage electronically.

While these procedures are done without having to go inside the hospital, St. Luke’s has acknowledged that several medical services are still needed to be done within the hospital premises.

St. Luke’s has set up the Patient’s Journey Medical Itinerary wherein detailed patient’s arrangements are given prior to the hospital visit to allow for a safer and more efficient navigation inside the hospital.

Moreover, the hospital launched My Concierge – a service that provides in-room admission and discharge for the safety and comfort of patients.

Additionally, patient companions will finally get to enjoy dishes especially prepared by St. Luke’s in-house chefs through the daily room service.

All of these are now being implemented at St. Luke’s Medical Center setting a benchmark in ‘Better Normal’ hospital practices.

“While we continue to fight COVID-19, we also have to consider and cater to the needs of non-COVID patients. We’ve created innovation programs to ensure that patients receive quality care and feel safe within St. Luke’s care,” said SLMC President and CEO, Dr. Arturo De La Peña.

St. Luke’s has been implementing strict health and safety protocols to prevent contracting the virus. Among these include: thermal temperature scanning, proper hand hygiene, ‘no mask, no entry’ policy, regular disinfection, clean air circulation in both COVID and non-COVID areas, social distancing marks, and required appropriate PPE for all healthcare workers depending on their area. Facilities of the hospital are also separated for COVID and non-COVID cases to ensure the safety and protection of all patients and guests.