St Luke’s provides convenient and safe healthcare to COVID-19 patients through Teleconsult

Posted on Jun 07, 2021

St. Luke’s Patient Experience Officers are available to help schedule teleconsultations for COVID-19 cases.

St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) is offering an innovative way of providing immediate and convenient access to treatment for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients by allowing them to consult with its medical experts online.


Through SLMC’s Teleconsult services, patients who need medical attention due to COVID-19 can now easily attain their needs anywhere and anytime they choose to. Scheduling an appointment for Teleconsult is convenient due to its simple and hassle-free process.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has made it important to provide healthcare services that patients can safely access from the comfort of their homes. Teleconsult does not only assure safety, but it also provides the convenience of being able to choose from our wide network of medical experts to have your consultation,” SLMC President and CEO, Dr. Arturo De La Peña said.


In order to schedule an appointment, patients should call SLMC’s Teleconsult hotlines. Those who want to schedule a consultation with SLMC Global City can call at (+63) 919 065 3019, while SLMC Quezon City can be reached at (+63) 947 993 8210. These hotlines are open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.


The Patient Care Navigator (PCN) will endorse an available doctor on deck for the day.   

To confirm the appointment, the PCN  will send an invitation for Teleconsult in the email address the patient provides. Otherwise, the patient will receive the cellphone number of the doctor as an alternative, yet equally convenient way of communication.

The PCN will also provide details on the payment process. Payment must be settled before the Teleconsult.

“With Teleconsult, SLMC patients can be assured that they only need to make a phone call to access the medical services they need,” Dr. De La Peña added.


SLMC also provides additional benefits that patients can enjoy aside from Teleconsult, which include Home Service Lab Works and Drive Thru Lab Works. Patients also have the option to have their medicine be delivered at the comfort of their homes and availing of Outpatient Imaging Services for COVID-19.


“Making healthcare more convenient to patients is a crucial component in providing holistic treatment to patients. This is especially important during this pandemic as COVID-19 patients need immediate attention regarding their ailments,” Dr. De La Peña said.