Renal Denervation: Unlocking a Happier and More Comfortable Life for Hypertensive Patients

Posted on Aug 08, 2023

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, with busy schedules and numerous demands often making it difficult to prioritize essential aspects such as healthy eating, regular exercise, and adequate rest. Unfortunately, a common health issue affecting many individuals seeking good health is high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

Hypertension is often referred to as a "silent killer" due to its lack of apparent symptoms, particularly in its early stages. This condition can lead to severe complications, including cardiovascular diseases and kidney failure.

Despite changes to adopt healthier lifestyles and the use of multiple medications, managing blood pressure remains a significant challenge, especially for individuals with resistant hypertension.

Recognizing the difficulties patients face in effectively managing hypertension, St. Luke's Medical Center, known for its commitment to providing innovative solutions for various health conditions, has pioneered a groundbreaking treatment option known as Renal Denervation (RDN) in the Philippines.

Renal Denervation is a safe and minimally invasive procedure supported by extensive randomized clinical trials. Since its successful implementation in 2013, Renal Denervation has demonstrated promising clinical outcomes and long-lasting effects, particularly for cases of resistant hypertension where lifestyle modifications and multiple medications have proven insufficient.

St. Luke's boasts a team of highly trained interventional cardiologists who have spearheaded the adoption of Renal Denervation as a viable treatment option for hypertension in the country. Their expertise ensures the safe and successful implementation of the procedure to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients, particularly those with resistant hypertension.

As an approved option in the treatment of hypertension, RDN allows patients to potentially reduce the number of medications they are taking, empowering them to break free from the limitations imposed by hypertension. This procedure opens doors to a future where individuals can confidently pursue their passions without being hindered by high blood pressure.

Say goodbye to the struggles of hypertension and embrace a healthier and happier version of yourself with the support of St. Luke's Heart Institute.

If you want to learn more about Renal Denervation and determine if it is the best option, please contact the Product Information Hub at 0919-057-7744 (call) or 0919-160-7744 (text). You may also send an email to [email protected].