Knowing your Patient Identification Number (PIN) is just one text away

Posted on Jul 14, 2021

St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) is introducing a fast and simple way for patients to know their Patient Identification Number (PIN). By simply sending an SMS message, patients can easily remember their PIN through an automated text message from the hospital. This SMS service is available to all networks and is free of charge.


This new electronic process of St. Luke’s addresses a common pain point experienced by patients during admission, payments, and viewing of medical records. Patients usually experience bottlenecks because of forgotten PINs due to the fact that the PINs are only seen in the receipts and test results of patients prior to the launch of this process.

With the new automated system, patients will just need to text PIN to 225687. Upon texting, the system will retrieve their PIN together with other basic information such as the patient’s name and birthdate.

It should be noted, however, that patients who have not yet created and registered an account in St. Luke’s eHealth Hub will need to first do so in order to use this service.

The eHealth Hub is St. Luke’s patient portal for value-added online services which includes electronic test results retrieval. Patients need to just fill in the necessary information at and ensure they click the submit button.

With PINs just one text away, patients can enjoy a faster and more efficient stay in the hospital, ensuring continuity of care that SLMC upholds in its patient-centered mission.

Receiving a PIN via SMS is a simple yet highly effective way to streamline patient experience even more. It is one of SLMC’s initiatives to transition into electronic medical records, one the hospital will continue to innovate moving forward.