A Thousand Surgery Cases and More: St. Luke’s Global City celebrates milestone in robotic surgery in PH

Posted on Mar 12, 2019

More than a thousand robotic surgeries have been successfully performed at the St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City since its introduction of minimally invasive surgery through the use of the third generation da Vinci surgical system in 2010. These robotic-assisted surgeries include general, gynecological, urological, transoral and thoracic cases.

Among the popular applications of surgeries are the removal of the prostate gland for cancer, elimination of ovarian cysts, hysterectomy, and all general surgical procedures including gastric, colon, and thyroid surgery.

Patients who have undergone robotic surgery experience multiple benefits due to greater visualization, enhanced dexterity, and greater precision offered through the use of robotic technology. Compared to open surgery, incisions are smaller because surgeons are able to accurately perform the procedure on targeted organs especially those found in limited or hard-to-reach spaces. Since the incisions are smaller, patients enjoy shorter hospital stays (from an average to 4-5 day stay reduced to 24 to 48 hours), less scarring, and a faster recovery and return to normal activity. In traditional surgeries, there is minimal risk of blood loss, which also means fewer complications and a smaller chance of infection.

In its relentless pursuit to become an internationally recognized academic medical center, St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City continues to push the boundaries of surgical procedures in the Philippines with its highly-trained surgeons equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. Upholding the highest regard of excellence, surgeons at the Institute of Surgery undergo multiple surgical training and simulation workshops at the Advanced Surgical Traning and Simulation Laboratory (ASTSL) and Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery Center (MIRSC). It is the first and only multispecialty training hub in the country to have the most advanced virtual simulators, the LAP Mentor with haptic feedback and the GI-Bronch endoscopic simulator, utilized in the continuous training of surgical skills.

To schedule a consultation with your St. Luke’s surgeon and to know more about robotic surgery, you may contact the Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery Center at trunkline 789-7700 ext. 2116/1160.