Varicose Vein Service

St. Luke’s Varicose Vein Service is a hospital-based center specifically designed to offer a complete line of evaluation and treatment for lower extremity varicose veins. It offers a one-stop shop which covers the initial evaluation both of consultation and ultrasound study to the actual treatment of varicose veins. All the procedures, except for vein stripping, are office-based and outpatient treatments.

Who Can Have The Procedure?

18 years old and above with venous insufficiency.

How Do I Prepare for the Procedure?

You need to see your doctor so he can discuss with you the procedure, expected results and its benefits. He would also need to conduct the following:

  • Take your medical history and the list of your current medications like aspirin, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol and drugs.

  • A complete physical examination which may include an ultrasound to properly identify the cause of the condition.

  • Take photographs of the affected area before and after the assessments.

What Should I Do After The Operation?

Pressure bandages are applied to the treated area and a twenty-minute walk immediately after the procedure is encouraged. Normal daily activity can be resumed. However, rigorous activities such as heavy lifting, or squatting should be avoided. For about 4 weeks, there may be minor soreness and bruising which can be resolved in 1 – 2 weeks.