Institute of Digestive and Liver Diseases

St. Luke's Institute of Digestive and Liver Diseases is the only institute in the country that has highly trained gastroenterologists and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose, manage, and treat digestive and liver diseases. Its services range from routine diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to very specialized procedures and interventions for both upper and lower gastrointestinal tract including the liver and pancreatic biliary system.. St. Luke’s is the only hospital that has a dedicated Liver Intensive Care Unit and a Molecular Adsorbent Recirculating System Liver Dialysis (MARS) device. It is the only hospital with the latest and advanced way of removing gastrointestinal polyps specifically the ones in the colon. It is also the most experienced institution when it comes to adult to adult living donor programs. St. Luke's also blazes the trail in having a detailed and comprehensive Liver Data Bank that is vital in research and in following up progress of patient's with liver diseases.

The Institute of Digestive and Liver Diseases sets the benchmark, not only with its comprehensive range of services and modern technologies, but also with a highly subspecialized staff. Gastroenterologists at the Institute undergo training in various subspecialty interests like hepathology, transplantation, or specialized endoscopy. The team takes on a multidisciplinary approach to every case they handle, with doctors consulting each other and practicing inter-referral to come up with the best solution to a patient's medical concern.