Geriatric Center

The Center is dedicated to a relatively new field of medicine called Geriatric Medicine. The Center delivers high quality, comprehensive, and accessible healthcare by addressing the genuine and unique needs of older adults. The problems, diagnosis, and treatment of the physical and psychological sickness of the elderly are handled by a team of experts. At the heart of our services is the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA), a multi-disciplinary diagnostic process used to determine medical, functional, and psychosocial status and problems in an elderly patient to arrive at a comprehensive treatment plan and long-term follow-up. It has guidelines for optimal medical and nursing care in an inter-disciplinary environment.

We also reach out to patients needing geriatric care through its very own Home Care program. Geriatricians conduct home visits to patients who are bedbound or have difficulty following up at the out-patient clinics. Our patients include:

  • People with dementia, behavioral problems, neuromuscular disease, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, degenerative joint disease, infections, etc.

  • Terminally ill patients

  • Frail elderly

  • Recently discharged older patients from the hospital who would have difficulty in succeeding follow-up visits with their physicians

We also offer the Grandma and Grandpa Club, an adult day care program designed to promote the social and cognitive well-being of elderly patients.