Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine provides a multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive patient care that addresses the medical, social, psychological, spiritual, vocational, and economic needs of patients and their families. It caters to patients of all ages from pediatric and geriatric cases, neurologic conditions, muscoskeletal cases and sports-related injuries. Most common cases encountered in the healthcare industry today include stroke, deconditioning syndrome, joint replacements, sports injuries, and work-related cases like neck, upper back, and lower back pain.

The Department boasts its experts composed by Physiatrists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists who can guide patients through the arduous road to recovery. The Department ensures on providing excellent patient care specially designed to meet each person’s unique rehabilitative needs focusing on quality and patient safety.

Physical Therapy is a branch of rehabilitation medicine that involves the preservation, enhancement or restoration of movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disability, injury, disease; utilizing therapeutic exercises, physical modalities and health education.

Occupational Therapy is a branch of rehabilitation medicine whose goal is to help people achieve independence, meaning, and satisfaction in life through engagement in meaningful social activities despite disabilities, limitations, and impairments.

Care plans have also been created and specially designed to meet each person's unique needs and provide total quality patient care and safety.