Congenital Heart Disease Service

The Heart Institute's Center for Congenital Heart Disease provides a state-of-the-art comprehensive approach in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease from fetal life to adulthood. Its multi-disciplinary staffs consist of pediatric and adult cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, radiologists and intensivists. They are led by a team of internationally trained physicians, who are all experts in cardiovascular care.


  • Electrocardiography

  • 24-Hour Ambulatory Recording

  • Echocardiography including Fetal Echocardiography and 3-Dimensional TEE

  • CT-Angiography (256-slice)

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Exercise Stress Testing

  • Hemodynamic Cardiac Catheterization with Angiography

Special Services:

  • Sports Pre-Participation Screening

  • Prenatal Screening for Congenital Heart Disease

  • Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinic

  • Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic



  • Transcatheter Intervention


  • Closed Heart Surgery:

  • Ligation of Patent DuctusArteriosus

  • Repair of Vascular Anomalies

  • Repair of Coarctation of the Aorta

  • Shunt Procedures (eg. modified Blalock-Taussig shunt

  • Unifocalization

  • Pulmonary artery banding

  • Epicardial pacemaker implantation

  • Epicardial ablation surgery

  • Pediatric Thoracic Surgery

Open Heart Surgery:

  • Neonatal and infant total correction of congenital heart defects

  • Repair of complex congenital heart defects including:

  • Single ventricle palliation

  • Truncusarteriosus repair

  • Pulmonary vein stenosis

  • Mitral valve repair

  • Aortic valve repair and aortic root reconstruction

  • Cone repair for Ebstein's anomaly

  • Anomalous coronary arteries

  • Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia

  • Excision of cardiac tumors

  • Surgery for Adult Congenital Heart Disease

  • Surgery for Rheumatic Heart Disease

  • Surgery for Arrhythmias

  • Surgery for Endocarditis

Minimally Invasive:

  • ASD closure

  • VSD closure

  • Mitral Valve Repair

  • Aortic Valve Repair

  • Aortic Valve Replacement

  • Coronary sinus unroofing

Hybrid Operations:

  • Hybrid single ventricle palliation

  • Transapical aortic valve placement

  • Transatrial and transventricular device closure

  • Transaortic and transpulmonary stent placement