Comprehensive Brain Tumor Service

The Comprehensive Brain Tumor Service treats patients with benign and malignant brain tumors at all stages of their disease. A team approach assures that each patient is in the care of neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists and other associated specialists.

The physicians of the St. Luke’s Comprehensive Brain Tumor Service offer a wide spectrum of advanced strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of Brain Cancer including microsurgical tumor removal, guided stereotactic techniques, stereotactic radiosurgery and novel, targeted chemotherapies.

The Comprehensive Brain Tumor Service puts together all of the components critical to managing patients with brain tumors: comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis, leading edge treatment options, thorough follow-up and psychosocial support. Patients are welcome whether they are newly diagnosed or have already received extensive treatment.

The patient is the focus of all of the diagnosis and treatment skills of the St. Luke’s interdisciplinary team of specialists who treats the rarest as well as the most common cancers.