Clinical Nutrition Service

The Clinical Nutrition Service offers nutrition care management to the hospitalized patient through the multidisciplinary nutrition support team approach.

Services offered:

  • Nutrition screening upon admission
  • Full Nutrition Assessment and development of individualized nutrition care plans for the identified patients
  • High Risk Nutrition Package for “high risk for malnutrition” patient. These are the intensive care, stroke, geriatric, and surgical patients with post-operative complications. Adult, pediatric, as well as high risk obstetric patients are also covered.
  • Calorie Counting to determine adequate nutrition delivery to each patient through specialized techniques like enteral and parenteral nutrition and performing regular calorie and fluid balances to ensure adequate intake while in the hospital.
  • Nutrition Counselling facilitated by licensed Clinical Dietitians including documentation of the nutrition care outcome and instituting changes which can further improve the health care delivery process prior to discharge