Surfer’s Myelopathy in an Adolescent Male

Mariam Grace Delima, Bernard F. Laya,. MD, Hannah Regina Villalobos

Surfers myelopathy is a rare spinal cord injury with only a few reported cases worldwide. The etiology is not very well understood but is believed to be due to a vascular phenomenon resulting from repetitive hyperlodotic posturing while surfing. The clinical manifestations are nonspecific and may mimic other myelopathic conditions. Recent studies reveal that it has typical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appearance. Most reported cases had been in adults and there is paucity of publication in the pediatric age group. We report a case of a15-year-old male with history, clinical course, and imaging manifestations typical for surfers myelopathy. The postulated etiologies and clinical manifestations will be discussed but the emphasis is to present the typical MRI findings which are helpful for its accurate diagnosis.