EGFR mutation testing practices within the Asia Pacific region: results of a multicenter diagnostic survey.

Yatabe Y, Kerr KM, Utomo A, Rajadurai P, Tran VK, Du X, Chou TY, Enriquez ML, Lee GK, Iqbal J, Shuangshoti S, Chung JH, Hagiwara K, Liang Z, Normanno N, Park K, Toyooka S, Tsai CM, Waring P, Zhang L, McCormack R, Ratcliffe M, Itoh Y, Sugeno M, Mok T.

BREAST: BRief and EASy Tool for breastfeeding assessment – for community based health care providers

Aurea Marcelene P. Yumul. MD, Elynn L. Go. MD

To develop a valid and reliable assessment tool for risk of breastfeeding cessation in infants aged 0-6months.

Knowledge, attitude and practice of medical residents and fellows in a tertiary hospital on hemochromatosis

Maria Christine Joy Nazario-Sarmiento, Catherine Cruz-Rosales

To assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of a series of medical residents and fellows in training at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City regarding hemochromatosis.

Knowledge, attitudes and practices survey regarding voluntary blood donation of personnel at a secondary hospital in Paranaque City (Protacio Hospital)

Lhoree Gie I. Antonio-Dela Cruz

It has been a decade after the introduction of RA 7719. RA 7719 known as the National Blood Services Act of 1994 promotes voluntary donation to provide sufficient supply of safe blood and to regulate blood banks. Its aim is to inculcate public awareness that blood donation is a humanitarian act. It is expected that hospital personnel are amongst the leading promoters or supporters of this Act. As hospital personnel ...

Management and cost of healthcare of acute pancreatitis – a single center experience

Kevin Deasis. MD, Karen Zaguirre. MD

Acute pancreatitis (AP) is a common cause of acute abdominal pain requiring hospital admission. In the Philippines, an extrapolated incidence of 25,300 annually was calculated.  In most, acute pancreatitis is a benign and self-limiting disease that resolves within a week with conservative management. In some 20% of patients however it is often severe with high morbidity and mortality.

The Efficacy of A Local Chocolate Product on Prevalence of Burnout among Emergency Department Staff of St. Luke’s Medical Center

Jerylin T. Juco,. MD

Emergency department is a highly stressful environment that predisposes emergency care staff to burnout. Burnout incidence is a factor of job performance and effectiveness decline that affects patients and co-workers. The study will use both Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and Tedium Burnout Measure (TBM) to determine both prevalence of burnout and effectiveness of intervention for burnout individuals.

The effectiveness of a chest pain learning program to improve the level of knowledge/ skill of EMT’s in pre-hospital chest pain care

Maria Guerlain P. Lee, Faith Joan Mesa-Gaerlan

Chest pain continues to be one of the more common primary complaints of patients requiring emergency care in the pre-hospital care setting. In the field, they are attended to by first responders, often the emergency medical technicians (EMT’s), who provide pre-hospital care to stabilize the patients in out-of-hospital medical emergencies.