Association of myocardial performance index with cardiac biomarker Troponin among acute coronary syndrome patient

Dante Perez, Manolito Turalba

Objective: To determine the correlation of myocardial performance index with cardiac biomarker troponin among acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients. Secondly, to compare rates of mortality, length of hospital stay and need of revascularization among abnormal and normal troponin ACS patients with abnormal and normal myocardial performance index MPI.

Design: Retrospective, Cross-sectional study

Study participant: Composed of 118 admitted patients with ACS who underwent transthoracic echocardiographic examination and cardiac biomarker troponin determination at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Results: Abnormal MPI level was not statistically associated with troponin positive (p=0.4153). Among Troponin positive ACS, test of association revealed that abnormality in MPI was not significantly associated with hospital death (p=1.000) along with need for revascularization (p=1.000).  Among ACS with normal troponin, the abnormal MPI was not also significantly associated with hospital mortality (p=0.939) nor need for re-vascularisation (p=0.571). Lastly, among abnormal MPI with abnormal troponin, average length of hospital stay was 13.35 +/-26.95, while those abnormal MPI with normal troponin, their average length of stay was 7.00 +/-17.99.

Conclusion: MPI was significantly abnormal among ACS patients, regardless of type. However, this study concluded that having an abnormal MPI is not significantly correlated with troponin level nor with cardiac events such as death and need of revascularization.