A case of spontaneous rupture of left uterine artery

Introduction: The spontaneous rupture of a uterine artery is a complication in pregnancy with a very low incidence rate and a very small number of reported cases. It occurs mostly during the third trimester.

Presentation of Case: This is a case of a 38 year-old gravida 3, para 1 ( 1011) at 31 weeks age of gestation who presented with a 2-day history of right sided abdominal pain and dysuria, which eventually led to hypovolemic shock and fetal compromise. The case was followed from the onset of her symptoms, to the management of hypovolemic shock, to the consideration of placental abruption, then to the exploration of the abdominal cavity where the diagnosis of spontaneous rupture of left uterine artery.

Discussion and Conclusion: Conclusions are drawn from the case study relating to the recognition and consideration of the rare possibility of an impending rupture of a uterine artery in hemodynamically stable pregnant woman presenting with abdominal pain in the 3rd trimester. If shock ensues in the presence of maternal instability or fetal distress necessitates urgent delivery, exploration of abdominal cavity and ligation of uterine artery or other vascular bleeders are necessary.