Sleep Tight with St. Luke's

Posted on Jul 05, 2021

Sleep plays an essential role as it allows the body and the mind to recharge. On average, an adult person needs around seven to nine hours of sleep in order to have proper cognitive and behavioral functions.

However, stressful conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected one’s sleeping patterns. Conditions like disrupted daily routine, economic struggles, shift to working from home, and the fear of becoming infected with the virus can cause lack of sleep - and in long term, can affect your overall health.

If one is having a hard time sleeping, frequent nighttime awakenings, poor sleep quality, and/or loud snoring they may have a sleep condition that needs to be addressed.

Sleep disorders are a series of conditions that affect one’s ability to sleep on a regular basis. Among these disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea, parasomnias, and narcolepsy.

These disorders can be addressed with the help of highly experienced somnologists or sleep doctors at St. Luke’s.

Our Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center offers a wide range of services to provide answers and solutions to sleep disorders.. Sleep study is a non-invasive, overnight exam that evaluates your bodily functions like eye movements, heart and breathing rates, snoring, and brain activity during sleep.

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