Posted on Oct 08, 2021

“What’s Up with my Skin?” is a skin care guidebook for teens authored by St. Luke’s dermatology expert, Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona


With the raging hormones of youth, skin care problems like acne, eczema, dandruff, etc. become the common cause of dilemma among teenagers. To help teens deal with skin issues, Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona, an active consultant at St. Luke’s Medical Center- Global City and head of the Environmental Dermatology Unit, authored “What’s Up with My Skin?”, a reader-friendly guide series with a highly intuitive format about the skin’s transition during puberty.

“I’ve been a dermatologist for almost 20 years and I consulted for quite a large number of patients. The most common cases were often related to teen-related skin issues. Understandably, the challenges in managing teen skin can be very distressing not only to the young patient but to the parents as well,” says Dr. Cellona.

The series that comes with colorful illustrations has a light and comforting tone which makes it more engaging for teenagers to read. Aside from usual skin concerns, it also comes with dedicated sections on cosmetics and whitening, which are of utmost interest among young people now.

Dr. Cellona also advocates access to correct and reliable information about the skin and finds a creative way to debunk skin myths through the book. “Sure, everything is available online. But are the parents and kids getting the right information … or are they getting disinformation in return?” she asks.

Dr. Cellona envisions her guidebook as a means to help the youth navigate the physiological and anatomical changes they experience during adolescence.

“What’s Up with my Skin?” is available at select Summit Books online partner stores.